BanjoTours is a TourOperator based in La Paz, Bolivia. Our purpose is to provide you with a unique, meaninful and unforgettable experience. Plain and simple.
We enable the contact between travelers and local communities and we do it in a sustainable way. While the majority simply follows the guidebook (nothing wrong with that, we offer a few classic tours as well) we find the real opportunity in taking our customers off the classic tourist trail. Thus, we have designed our tours and packages with those who want to do something different and unique in mind.

Our Difference


Everything we do has a local focus. From our guides to office personnel, every person who works at Banjo Tours and the people whose lives we strive to improve - in and out of the company - are 100% Bolivian.


Choose wisely when it comes to safety and reliability in a relatively new country in the tourism sector as is Bolivia.


Innovation is the core feature that sets our tours apart. Realizing the need for more unique and less-crowded experiences our tours are 100% one-of-a-kind.

Proud to Offer These New Tours

Featured Tours

  •  New! Kayaking Lake Titicaca Day Trip

    New! Kayaking Lake Titicaca Day Trip

    When you think of Lake Titicaca, the words: ‘Copacabana’, ‘Sun Island’ and ‘totora reed boats’ may come to mind. Until now, that was everything there was to see in the Lake Titicaca region. Unfortunately, Copacabana has become too crowded, Isla del Sol is beautiful but similarly a bit overrated and totora reed boats are traditional and beautiful forms of transport, but lack flexibility as one is simply ‘rowed’ around.

    Now, you are able to take adventure into your own hands and enjoy the magnificent views of the lake and the high Andean Altiplano firsthand, by paddling a kayak and explore the islands and bays of Lake Titicaca with Banjo Tours.

  •  Ultimate Jungle Tour

    Ultimate Jungle Tour

    Our Ultimate Jungle Tour (Jungle+Pampas Combo) is a truly off the beaten track way to experience the Bolivian Amazon. Suitable for anyone who would like to put a touch of adventure to their trip but still enjoy a fair bit amount of comfort, this tour combines one of the most popular activities in Bolivia: the Death Road bike tour with a totally new way to get to Rurrenabaque – riding a motor boat through Madidi National Park as well as visiting the Pampas of Yacuma wildlife reserve.

Our Tours In Photos

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What Our Customers Say

  • We walked around the city-- the main sites and El Alto.
    It was really interesting to see the non-touristy part of the city.
    I had a great time. I feel I wouldn't learn that much about La Paz without taking this tour.

    Yimei, San Francisco, USA
  • This takes you out of the tourist-circuit comfort zone
    and when you tell other travellers in the jungle that you came overland to the jungle,
    they will call you a crazy ****
    but they have no idea what they are missing out on.

    Kate, Sydney, Australia
  • Uyuni left me in awe! Uyuni was rich with gorgeous landscapes
    and by far the highlight of our trip!
    I highly recommend Banjo Tours if you would like to see
    the Best of Bolivia. :)

    Joyce, Los Angeles, USA


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