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How to get to the Bolivian Salt Flats

How to get to the Bolivian Salt Flats

If you are wondering how to get to the Bolivian Salt Flats once in Bolivia, there are different ways of doing it. Here you have the distances between the main connections you need to understand:

  • La Paz - Uyuni 569 km
  • La Paz - Oruro 229 km (paved road)
  • Oruro - Uyuni 340 km (modern paved road)
  • Potosí - Uyuni 230 km
  • Sucre - Uyuni 353 km

You can get to Uyuni from different cities. In order to make your way there, we recommend the following options:

Go from La Paz to Uyuni Go from Oruro to Uyuni Go from Sucre or Potosí to Uyuni

There are several ways to travel from La Paz to Uyuni. The fastest way is to get to the small airport of Uyuni is by plane with TAM, BOA or Amaszonas, who offer daily flights.

The most interesting way though is going directly from La Paz in a private 4WD, discovering and experiencing all the attractions on the way. This option may not be as cheap as taking a night bus, but still can be cheaper than taking a flight. The advantage is that you can travel during the day with an english assistant or guide showing you the Bolivian countryside. As for the buses, they are only available during the night, and along with the public transport is the cheapest option. Bus tickets to Uyuni can be bought in Tickets Bolivia.

You can combine your transportation going first to Oruro and then taking a train that takes you to Uyuni. Although take into account to check the schedule in advance, as trains don’t leave every day. The train has the advantage of being always on time, be clean and comfortable You can find a complete timetable of the trains and buy your tickets online in FCA.

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