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Why you need a medical check-up before travelling

Why you need a medical check-up before travelling

Risks for pathologies, pre-existing diseases, allergic reactions and other aspects related to personal health should be carefully planned to ensure the well-being before travelling and to keep any type of complication at bay. Even those who enjoy excellent health should take into account that the body with its different processes, reacts differently to changing their environment and more noticeably in the elderly.

It is advisable for this group to undergo medical check-ups that indicate the health conditions that the person has at the time of travel

The doctor's instructions and treatments that could be vital for the traveler must be recorded in detail in order to have the necessary information and to determine the plans of action against possible setbacks.

It is also important to learn about the country you are going. Recently it has been reported that in Bolivia they will check in the frontier whether if you have the vaccine for the yellow fever or not after the first yellow fever case in a decade had been reported. Another aspect you may want to check out is the altitude in case you are planning a hike or travelling to a city like La Paz. We provide you with a guide to know how to prevent the altitude sickness.

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