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Travel the World! The many advantages of travelling

Travel the World! The many advantages of travelling

If there is any important advice you can give to someone in this life is: travel! Travel as much as you can and know all you can about this World. We assure you that you will be surprised to discover new cultures and new people (even from your own country). Travelling is a discovery and delivers opportunities that you could never have imagined.


Or find out what they really are like. We often have a pre-defined idea about what the destination will be like. Prejudices play a trick on us and make us believe a different reality. This belief is surely much poorer than the reality that awaits us, and we will probably drop some myths and break down barriers..


The comfort zone is the one you are used to your whole life: everything you think is necessary, you have it within reach. And if something is missing, we start to feel nervous ... It is a belief that must be left behind. The new destinations you visit offer unprecedented opportunities in your home country that deserve to be tried at least once in your life. Get out of the rut and dare with new things, you only live once!


Gastronomy is one of the pleasures of life. Today, because of globalization, it is easier than ever to access typical dishes from other countries previously reserved exclusively for travelers. See themed restaurants (Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean ...) or dishes such as sushi, tacos or kebabs, increasingly common to find. However, it is not always the same to eat a dish imitated in another country than to try it as it is traditionally cooked, with local ingredients and flavor. As an example of this we could put the spanish paella: did you know that the traditional Valencian paella does not have “chorizo” in it? Another gastronomic delight is the discovery of dishes, fruits, ingredients and delicacies that we did not even know before and that will give our world a new flavor.


Surely you will have noticed that the tourists use to pay more attention to the mundane environment than a local citizen does. They take their camera and photograph every corner, stopping to investigate each corner and marvelling at their newly discovered environment. When you visit a new place for the first time, you awaken that sentiment that is lost from your daily life. Putting your foot in a place that you didn’t know invites you to open your eyes more and look at every detail and become more interested in the place.


Being guided and knowing where you are going on a planned trip has nothing wrong. But sometimes there is nothing like walking around and discovering incredible and hidden places of a city, waking up the explorer inside us, without having to worry if we follow our itinerary “correctly”. Just walk and enjoy your surroundings, you never know what you can find!


Travelling is a great way to venture around the World and making new friends. You never know who you are going to meet and, while always recommending some caution and common sense, in every trip you end up knowing someone to share an excursion or an experience with. Making friends travelling is a great opportunity. For the exchange of knowledge, talk about the different points of view offered by the various countries that has visited each, and if it happens to be a local, it can be a great ally to show you off the beaten track places and frequented by locals. Often, fantastic places are hidden only for the knowledge of the locals.


Travelling shapes and completes you as a person and changes your perspective on the World. You learn to be more humble and to value better what you have and what people live in each culture. In the same way, you will learn to value better what seemed so mundane in your country, as you will discover that it is in the details where the difference lies and what makes each place a unique space.

If you are willing to have more information about La Paz and off the beaten track experiences around Bolivia such as a Salar de Uyuni tour, the Sajama National Park or a La Paz Walking tour, feel free to contact us.

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